The origin

Once upon a time two friends met through their blogs. Several years later, after long discussion about solvents, glitter and magic, a daring idea came up : to create their own brand of nail polish. Today, it is with lots of love and pleasure that they announce the creation of their brand, Il était un vernis®, to the NPA planet...

Discover the two nail polish addicts' world who created Il était un vernis: the blog of Béthe blog of Stéphanie.


Inspiration leading to the creation of custom-made nail polish!

Several months pass by while the two friends work on their first collection. The watchword ? To create colours that resemble them and never seen before in their nail polish collection. The two draw inspiration from seasonal trends spotted by searching the internet: fashion, design, beauty, everything that could help them imagine the five nail polishes that compose the Once Upon a Time collection. But from mere inspiration to coloured nail polish, there was another big step to take: production. The girls' ideal was to look for french manufacturers but it soon turned out that their dream of small scale, custom-made manufacturing was difficult. Against any compromise, the two friends looked for manufacturers that met their specifications, and it was in Australia that they eventually found the solution...

Discover the Once Upon a Time collection.


Respectful and clean nail polish...

Our nail polishes are certified 5-free, meaning that they are free from five products hazardous to the health. No formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin and camphor. Our nail polishes are also vegan, they are not made from ingredient of animal origin and are not tested on animals.

Check the complete list of ingredients of our nail polishes.


... Combined with the pleasure of wearing fashionable colours.


The colours of our nail polishes are contrasting and the finishing lacquered. The metallic micro-glitters reflect light and bring depth to the raw substance. As for holographic glitters, they provide the right touch of modernity to transform your nails into a shimmering surface.

The square shape of the bottles Il était un vernis insures excellent stability during the manicure. The slip-resistant cap allows very precise gesture and the flat brush guarantees a flawless application.