From grapes to flasks...

When a Bordeaux adopted gal and a Burgundian at heart think about celebrating Fall, the result is Grands Crus! A tribute in the form of nail polish to their two wine growing regions! // To see the Grands Crus collection in video, click here!




Chardonnay, the soft gray, is full of surprises. Sparkling!

★ Comments by Bé: Behind a pearl gray color with golden reflection, Chardonnay reveals a floral, mineral and tinted bouquet. Sprinkled with holographic particles and golden flakes to bring a sparkling touch, it is opaque in two layers. Its lively and fresh aspect offers a perfect transition from summer to autumn. Wear it as much as you like!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Chardonnay is probably one of two from this collection that you are less likely to associate with wine at first sight. But you will be amazed by its subtle texture full of surprises. A rather conventional gray base, that hides sparkling golden flakes, together with holographic particles that shine under the sun. It is said that Chardonnay is the chic jewelry of women who know how to enjoy life, thanks to the elegance of its round and floral style. I find this definition of the grape varietal suits completely this nail polish that share the same name!




Merlot, the ultimate Fall orange color!

★ Comments by Bé: With its brick orange color and its golden/copper reflection, Merlot will seduce the most demanding nailistas (it’s a fact: this color does not suit all skin tone). Its notes of soft spices show a beautiful aromatic density, and its roundness call for indulgence. Merlot needs to be worn in order to reveal itself to the full. Perfect color for beginners!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Merlot, the Bordelais of all ! An orange-red-orange (you know how difficult it is for me to describe a color!), holographic, sparkling with small and fine golden particles. This one suits perfectly my post-summer tanned skin, its warm and vibrant color warms up everything around it. It is a real brick orange, vibrant, that reveals itself especially under the sun. The ultimate Fall color!


Pinot Noir


Super Feminine! You will fall for the velvety finishing of the Pinot Noir...

★ Comments by Bé: With shining ruby aspect, Pinot Noir is very typical. Its holographic velvety hints enhance the harmony with Morello cherry and raspberry. Well balanced, elegant and suave, Pinot Noir will become the ally of the dark red lovers regardless of the season…. Soon to become your new classic!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: The real red of this collection! Pinot Noir has become inevitable for the last few weeks. I have worn it for all occasions during summer. A great color for every season and every occasion because it is so classic and elegant. But classic does not mean no surprises! Check out the definition of the wine eponym: « French Pinot Noir is a subtle grape variety with ruby color. With its light and fruity character, it fascinates distinguished people » . Once more, what is true for the grape variety is also true for the nail polish. Everytime I wear it, I am fascinated by what happens on my finger tips. Its ruby color is vibrant and sparkling whether in the shade or under the sun. It sparkles, and its holographic particles come out under the sun or under direct light. With a softer light, it reveals depth and gives an impression of 3D. No doubt this red will seduce you!


Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon: so vampy!

★ Comments by Bé: Cabernet Sauvignon gives strength and structure to this collection. With the same velvety holographic particles as Pinot Noir, its intense color that I would describe as plum-wine lees, reminds me of the strong tannins of the grape variety. No doubt Cabernet Sauvignon will rhyme with class, femininity, and refinement.
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Cabernet Sauvignon is the « vampy » of the collection. A deep plum, with super velvety texture. It’s typically the type of nail polish which that I cannot take my eyes off of for several minutes. It is discreet in the shade, but once under more direct light, its holo stands out and becomes very impressive.


La Paulée


La Paulée is brilliant, audacious and generous. Just like you!

★ Comments by Bé: In Burgundy, La Paulée concludes the grape harvest. It’s indeed the name of the celebration meal organized by the wine-grower to thank the team for their hard work. In the vineyards and in the streets or our villages, you can hear horns honking, workers cheering while the old-timers announce ,« It’s La Paulée at Michel’s » ! As I live at the rythme of the harvest (I live in a small village in the heart of Côte de Beaune), while not actually being part of the wine-growing community, La Paulée marks the beginning of Fall. La Paulée nail polish is a holographic emerald green with shimmer of the same color.
★ Comments by Stéphanie: La Paulée is a powerful green, clearly in the same style as In Teal We Trust (Licence to Polish collection), since the texture is very similar. But while this latter is clearly blue, La Paulée is very green. Believe me, I assure you that it is much stronger and vibrant « in real life » than what you can see on the photos. Always very opaque and perfect in two layers, La Paulée is also full of holographic particles that give it all its richness.