### HASHTAG ###

Keen on social networks, we wanted to refer to these hash-words which we use daily with Instragram in order to share with you all our manucures and nail arts created with nail polish from Il était un vernis. // In order to see the collection #HASHTAG on video, click here!




#justmytype will blow you away!

★ Comments by Bé: #justmytype, its exactly my type! The color grey and I, it’s a love story. I love wearing it for all occasions. It’s a like my haven color along with teal (OF COURSE!) when I do not know exactly what to wear but want to put on a color that’s elegant and convenient. Anthracite and opaque in two layers, #justmytype has strong holographic reflections which makes it sparkle anytime. Even with little light, it picks up any sun or lamp light. My type… and yours soon, I am sure!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: #justmytype is the sparkling grey that matches perfectly all of its buddies from the collection. If I were not yet so much in love, I would say that this little one is the love of my life. It sparkles all over the place, and its texture is a delight for the eyes whether in the shade or under the sun. Grey, it’s a little like my winter color, that I come back to naturally whether on my nails, sweater, or coat… It is the ultimate elegant color which can go along with any occasions. By now you should know, I love #justmytype! Opaque in two layers, it is a grey which will blow you away!




Your sunshine for this winter? #hellosunshine of course!

★ Comments by Bé: #hellosunshine is a pretty and bright saffron-yellow sprinkled with holographic particles and glass flecks in order to give it more depth. Its jelly-like finishing makes it extremely shining even without top coat. With two layers, we can slightly distinguish the nail line, so do not hesitate to add a layer if you have long nails. No doubt #hellosunshine will delight the NPA who wish to brighten their nails this winter!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: #hellosunshine is the lively one from this collection! Literally like sunshine in the grey sky of winter. Difficult to find the perfect yellow, but we had a spicy idea in mind… and this holographic saffron-yellow was an obvious choice. A warm tint which lightens up our slightly gloomy winter clothes, and goes along very well with grey, white and black…




Dark, sexy, mysterious... Prepare yourself to the charm of the irresistible #ladykiller.

★ Comments by Bé: #ladykiller is concentrate of hunk in a bottle! The kind that is tortured and mysterious, the dark kind, that scares you but at the same time is irresistibly attractive. The kind that you will inevitably fall in love with! #ladykiller is a dark blue almost black with the same gorgeous holographic velvety finishing as Cabernet Sauvignon. I’ll say no more, because I am sure that you have already fallen for its charm …
★ Comments by Stéphanie: #ladykiller, as its name indicates, is just simply THE lady-killer. Impossible not to fall for its charm, it is the kind that will make your head spin and your heart race, that can hypnotize you and makes your eyes shine with pleasure. Keep in mind I am still talking about a nail polish! A dark blue, quiet under natural light but it sparkles under the sun, its velvety holographic texture will remind you of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Grands Crus collection, wonderful! Very opaque, it is perfect in two thin layers, and works very well for stamping!




#imanatural: the soft beige that's not so quiet!

★ Comments by Bé: #imanatural is the softest polish of this collection. When we imagined it, we thought of a thick mohair sweater which we would wrap ourselves in, while enjoying hot tea in front of the fireplace. #imanatural is a beige color with light grey tones and some golden reflections for depth and some holographic particles for a magic touch. Opaque in two layers, #imanatural is the nail polish that we can wear easily when we want to rest our eyes (color is nice, holo is magic, but sometimes we want something more sober.) #imanatural could also very well be used as the base for nail art!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: #imanatural is like the comforter of the collection. One of those colors we turn to when we want some gentleness and cocooning. Exactly the same color as my very soft wool blanket, it the perfect color when we want some natural color at the tip of our fingers. A holographic beige, like a nude not as quiet as we would think! Under the sun, it sparkles discreetly, which makes it perfect as the base for nail art as well as an easy-going nail polish. Opaque in two layers, it is easy to put on your nails!




Velvety, singular, fascinating: we love #monsieurjetaime!

★ Comments by Bé: #monsieurjetaime wears its name wonderfully! I mentioned my refuge color earlier… We wanted to work this color once again, between green and blue. #monsieurjetaime is a desaturated teal which is slightly more green than blue. I like its velvety finishing and its originality, and the fact that it fits so well among the other colors from the #HASHTAG collection! I love you #monsieurjetaime!!!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: #monsieurjetaime is another variation of this color that Bé and I don’t get tired of: the teal! Very different from its friends from In Teal We Trust or La Paulée, #monsieurjetaime is a grayish teal, the perfect balance between blue and green. A color full of vitality but very soft at the same time because slightly « muted ». It fits easily among other colors. Under the sun, it reveals itself completely and actually vibrates. Its velvety texture shows a little and it is impossible not to turn our fingers in all directions to watch it be alive on our nails! Very opaque, it is perfect in two thin layers and is perfect for stamping too.