Licence to Polish !

We wanted this winter collection to be elegant, easy to wear but not necessarily classic. Rich texture, subtle holographic effect and colours that change with light.... These are the common features of the five nail polishes from this new collection.
NPA from all over the world, let's take out our "licence to kill polish" and let's take action, truly, deeply, madly...


We Want You for NPA Army


Follow the camouflage trend of this Winter with We Want You for NPA Army!

★ Comments by Bé : Kaki green saturated with tiny golden flakes and holographic particles. In the shade, it is very luminous due to the flakes and as soon as sun light shines upon it, BAM it's an holo explosion ! Covering with two layers, We Want You for NPA Army is the most glimmering of the collection and undoubtedly what you need to stick to the camouflage trend of this Fall-Winter. Are you ready to join the army of NPA?
★ This "Army” green is very subtle with its colour that's not too flashy and it's rich texture, yet wearable daily. We Want You for NPA Army is a luminous green, spiced with a hint of gold that reveals depending on light. With two layers, it has a glossy finish.


In Teal We Trust


In Teal We Trust: all our beliefs united in a flask...

★ Comments by Bé: My fantasy in a flask! In Teal We Trust is a metallic peacock blue nail polish sprinkled with very tiny blue glitter seasoned with holo sauce. Depending on light, it reveals its metallic sparkle, or its blue/green shift, or its glitter. I love it!
★ Comments by Stéphanie : In Teal We Trust is a teal nail polish pulling more towards blue than green. It is deep, but still very bright, that sparkles on the nails thanks to its holographic texture. Once again, very discreet yet present.


Drop Dead Gorgeous


Drop Dead Gorgeous is, well, drop dead gorgeous!

★ Comments by Bé : Drop Dead Gorgeous is an espresso brown with underlying bronze . Its metallic base is full of small golden glitter. Opaque with one-and-a-half layer, Drop Dead Gorgeous is rich, bright, glittering...
★ Comments by Stéphanie : If Drop Dead Gorgeous were a chocolate bar, I'd snack on it during the evening, under my blanket...Seriously, Drop Dead Gorgeous is really a surprising nail polish. With its milk coffee colour switching to golden or dark chocolate, it reveals a holographic rainbow when the sun brushes it. This brown is simply hypnotic !


Something to Remember


Something to Remember will reveal all its facets only to those who can tame it.

★ Comments by Bé : Something to remember is the original of the collection ! Under artificial light, its base is old-pink taupe, while in natural light it is more of a grayish purple. Add some small pink flakies, a touch of holo dust and purple shimmer that has pale-green reflection, shake it all and you'll get Something to Remember. You will need to tame it but no doubt you will succumb to the charms of its multiple facets!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: The most surprising nail polish of this collection ! Unique, baffling, surprising, but really easy to wear, hypnotic and astonishing. At first, Something to Remember, is old-pink taupe, a nude and rather classic colour. But actually, its pink flakies give it a completely a different dimension and its texture sprinkled with holographic particles awake in sunlight, to do the twist on your nails!


Juggling Glass Balls


Romantic as you wish, Juggling Glass Balls is all about lightness, bright, crystalline and delicate!

★ Comments by Bé : We wanted a rather versatile nail polish that we could wear on top of another nail polish or just by itself in three fine layers. Mat silver flakies float in a transparent base saturated with holographic micro-glitter. Depending on the light the holo glitter give up their place to the flakies or play a devilish hide-and-seek. Juggling Glass Balls is the poetic one of the collection, it's all about transparency, balance, combination...
★ Comments by Stéphanie: A transparent base saturated with fine holographic particles, but also with matt silver flakies that give a real depth. It could be worn by itself, in three layers, or as a top coat. Perfect for colour gradient, I recommend you wring your brush carefully if you choose to you use it as top coat to awaken a dark coloured nail polish.