Once upon a time...

Because it is always like this that good stories begin ! This collection marks the beginning of a great adventure, which is why it resembles us particularly. If you have a sharp eye, you should identify who of the two friends is behind the creation of one or the other precious from the collection Once Upon a Time.


Crush on Blue


Are you a fan of blue? Do not miss out Crush on Blue!

★ Comments by Bé: Crush on Blue is a night-blue nail polish with electrifying metallic blue reflection. Its dark purple shift brings an additional dimension. If you are a fan of blue, like me, do not miss out on Crush on Blue. Promise, you will not regret it!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Electric, metallic, deep, and holographic blue. Yes, all of these features at the same time. With Crush on Blue, you will not get by unnoticed. Apply two layers, it is very glossy even without top coat.


No Comment


Unique, No Comment is worth having a look...

★ Comments by Bé: No Comment has exactly the same type of finishing as Crush on Blue but I find it more syrupy. Consequently, it is extremely shiny even without top coat. As for colour, I would qualify it as orange-red, even slightly coral depending on the lighting. It is very unique and is worth checking out!
★ Comments by Stéphanie : With scatter holographic particles and slightly metallic, No Comment is inevitably my favourite. In everyday life, it clearly draws towards red. It manifests its orange aspect only under specific lights, and reveals its holographic side with sunlight.


Light Box


Rock effect guaranteed with Light Box on your nails!

★ Comments by Bé: Light box is a grey “thunderstorm sky” scatter holo, full of hundreds of bluish particles (like lightning during the night, that's where our inspiration comes from). Looking at the photos, it would seem they are flakies, but in fact they are rather shattered glitter that change from Royal Blue to purple depending on the angle of the hand with regard to the light. One little technical drawback, Light Box will need two layers of top coat (or one thick layer of top coat) in order to be perfectly smooth but the most efficient way is to apply it as a thin layer on a dark base. Intensity is guaranteed! I can already imagine it as nailart, combined with Crush on Blue for a rock effect for sure !
★ Comments by Stéphanie: A gray base almost black, blue flakies that awaken this dramatic sky, an holographic effect that reveals itself without asking's the unique combination that comes with Light Box!


Beyond Words


Beyond Words is definetely the “must-have” from this collection!

★ Comments by Bé : Beyond Words, the “must-have” from this collection ! Its metallic finish, softer than its associates Crush on Blue and No Comment, makes it very feminine. This pinky purple (we are completely in the Radiant Orchid trend) hides a golden flash that reveals itself under low-angled light.
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Very feminine and elegant, this metallic and holographic purple is once again very glossy. Very pigmented, it is prefect for nail art. Against all odds, this is probably one of my favourites. Even if I change my mind every time I put on one of the five! No doubt, Beyond Words will definitely be the one pleasing both your little sister and your mother. It is one of those timeless colours!


Live, Love, Laugh


Live, Love, Laugh: the perfect ally to all your crazy Nail Art ideas

★ Comments by Bé: This nail polish with golden, silvery and coppery glitter and with fairy dust Holo (the one that leans over the NPA craddle, I'm sure you know her) will delight those who love when it shines. “Three tints of gold” to pay a small tribute to my three children and a name on a par with the role I was given on their birth : lots of life, laughter and love. Apply two layers, don't hesitate to wear it layered for example to accept a little more glitter in our daily life. Or why not put it on with mat top coat (simply divine!) or associate it with a pretty black graphic stamping?
★ Comments by Stéphanie : Live, Love, Laugh, really turns on the power! A blend of golden, coppery and silvery glitter, fine holographicvglitter, all of it packed in a transparent base. You can wear it with two layers for a “it will blow you away” effect but rest assured that the amount of glitter will allow it to be a good partner for all your crazy Nail Art ideas !