With Sweet Bliss, Il étatit un Vernis is in the mood for summer holidays!

Heavenly scenery, cocktail with straw and paper umbrella, meeting up with friends, strawberry sorbet and Matcha macaron, kicking back and sour candy-colored nails.This collection is made up of nail polish with intense holographic finishing and bold reflection. It is an invitation to make the most of summer pleasures… // Check out Sweet Bliss on video, click here.


Pleased to Sweet You


The very sweet Pleased to Sweet You will reveal its multiples facets thanks to light. Fascinating!

★ Comments by Bé: Pleased to Sweet You is mauve, saturated with a shimmer that changes from blue to pink. As a result, depending on the light, Pleased to Sweet You can be the color of lavender (in the shade or in natural light), or mauve (under the sun or in low-angled light). Opaque with two or three layers, its slightly jelly finishing makes it very bright. Sweetness that I’m never bored wearing and admiring from all angles…
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Pleased to Sweet You is the sweetest of the collection. Holographic mauve-lavender, with sometimes blue reflection and pink flash when there is stronger light. Opaque with two layers, it changes from mauve in the shade, to a bright lavender under artificial light or in the sun. But you don’t need to seek the sun for Pleased to Sweet You to reveal its potential. Its holographic texture shows even in the shade or in soft light.


My Favorite Popsicle


My Favorite Popsicle, it's pure self-undulgence!

★ Comments by Bé: My Favorite Popsicle is pink red with fuchsia shimmer, opaque in two layers. Neither really red nore completely pink, it is a gourmet color, like strawberry purée/sorbet (in short, the perfect summer desert for us strawberry lovers - it’s really where our inspiration comes from), enhanced with some golden reflection. No doubt My Favorite Popsicle will seduce all who hesitate to wear candid pink color.
★ Comments by Stéphanie: My Favorite Popsicle is clearly inspired by my favorite sweet in summer: strawberry ice cream. Imagine freshly mixed strawberries, add some raspberries, make it shine under the sun and there you go! My Favorite Popsicle is a subtle mix, right between pink and red, very slightly towards coral under certain lighting, hence softer and easier to wear. If you are usually rather attracted by red, I am certain you will have a crush on this one. It will allow you to change from the classics, and add a funky touch and originality to your nail polish collection. Very opaque, it is perfect for nail art!


Under The Pink


The most feminine of the collection, this is it! Under The Pink: 100% girly...

★ Comments by Bé: Under The Pink is a vivid pink with fuchsia shimmer and blue reflection. Contrary to its little brother introduced above, Under The Pink is unquestionably the girly one. A real pink for girls! Opaque in two layers (although a single layer could be enough), it will become girls-that-love-pink’s best friend. ★ Comments by Stéphanie: Under The Pink is almost fuchsia, which makes me want to wear pink (and that is really not a usual thing for me). Glittering and full of surprises in the shade as well as under the sun, the « not such a big pink fan » that I am, actually fell for this color. Its holographic particles give it a beautiful depth, and the fuchsia reflection brings a touch of originality, not yet present in my nail polish collection. On top of all that, it makes my hands look very tanned, and that’s great!


Matcha Doing Today?


Matcha Doing Today? is without doubt the most daring and audacious of this collection…

★ Comments by Bé: Matcha Doing Today? is the color of young sprouts with pink micro-glitter and golden reflections. Certainly the most daring of this collection, the one that cries out the most, « Yeah, Summer is here, my friends ». Once again, we like it when our nail polish reveal different aspects depending on light. With Matcha Doing Today? you will have sometimes chartreuse green on your nail, sometimes green lime, almost like neon. A nail polish meant for the daring, to be paired with Under The Pink for nail art inspired by Nina Ricci (those of you that wore Les Belles de Ricci when young, please raise your hands!)
★ Comments by Stéphanie: This almost fluorescent green is the most surprising of the collection. With its discreet holo texture, Matcha Doing Today? is full of surprises. Loaded with golden glass flecks, revealing raspberry reflections depending on light, Matcha Doing Today? is a hypnotic nail polish. Do you know the eyes of the snake in The Jungle Book? Well it makes me feel the same way, I could not get my eyes off of it!


Mint to Be Yours


Mint to Be Yours, an « iced mint » nail polish perfect for summer!

★ Comments by Bé: Mint to Be Yours is a mint with golden glass flecks which give it a frosted aspect perfect for summer. Its delicate jelly finishing brings depth and brightness. Depending on the light, the glass flecks take over or on the contrary make room for the holographic particles. It’s real fun to twist around to grasp all the different nuances of Mint to Be Yours…
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Mint to Be Yours, you might have guessed, is mint! The challenge with mint, is that we can never tell whether it’s rather green or rather blue. Mint to Be Yours is no exception, and I feel it changes about every three minutes! One thing for sure, its metallic finishing really enhances this tint, and draws attention towards the wearer’s hands! A frosty tint (that makes me long for a mojito, but I guess that’s not the subject here), warmed up thanks to the multiple small golden flakes it contains. So, it’s like a microcosm that lives inside and once on your nails!