Tales of Love

It's time to have a look at Tales of Love, our new spring collection. The most feminine of all so far. The common point of this collection is the tiny multichromatic flakies (gold-copper-pink shift) that are part of the 5 nail polishes. Besides the holographic particles of course. // Click to see a video of the Tales of Love collection!!


Spring in My Step


Put some Spring in My Step!

Spring in My Step is a muted green sage full of tiny flakies that shift from gold to copper and pink. An original polish that will put some spring in your step!


Heart. Skips. A. Beat.


Heart. Skips. A. Beat.!

Heart. Skips. A. Beat. is a fig purple, slightly outdated and romantic at the same time. You'll love to see it change on your nails, sometimes with blue undertones, sometimes with pink ones. You'll definitely love when the light comes playing with the flakies. Heart. Skips. A. Beat.!


A Thousand Kisses


Light as a marshmallow and soft as A Thousand Kisses...

A Thousand Kisses is a nude pink that reminds us of a ballerina tutu. You can wear it alone for elegant hands or decorate it with a black lace stamping for exemple. You can also use it as a base for a gradient with Crazy Little Thing and Heart. Skips. A. Beat.. This one is light as a marshmallow and soft as a thousand sweet kisses...


Crazy Little Thing


Definitely a Crazy Little Thing!

Crazy Little Thing is a smoked parma color perfect for spring. Its flakies are as impressive in the sun as in the shade and the holographic particles make it extra shiny. Definitely a crazy little thing!




HOLO(VE) is a deep hue and very feminine color.

HOLO(VE) is a dried cranberry red with purple undertones saturated with the same tiny multichromatic flakies as the rest of the collection. Its unique color should appeal to deep hues and classical colors' lovers.