Come along for a walk in the garden Il était en vernis...

Végétal is a call for Spring, a way to pull you out of Winter torpor and make you step outside. It is an invitation to take a deep breath of fresh air, to contemplate the wonders of Nature and appreciate this explosion of colours and scents that make gardens come alive again.

This collection consists of five holographic nail polishes, with soft colours or on the contrary lively colours with powerful shimmer and distinct micro-glitter.




Dahlia is a raw stone with multiple facets: rich and fascinating at the same time!

★ Comments by Bé: Dahlia is purple saturated with copper-coloured micro-glitter and blue glitter. Its richness and complexity make it one of my favourites of the collection. Dahlia has something almost mineral in the bottle (rare for a collection called Végétal). A little but like a raw stone with multiple facets. Once on the nails, it reveals all its preciousness at the whim of the light. I am sure that you would like it as much as I do!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Dahlia is what we call “blurple”. It is a mix of blue and purple, one or the other domintaing depending on the light. Let's be a little more specific. It is a holographic purple base, totally saturated with blue and copper micro-glitter. The first thing that Bé told me putting it on, “There is life in Dahlia” and I can only but agree with her!




Paeonia the elegant!

★ Comments by Bé: Paeonia is coral coloured with pink micro-glitter. Delicate as peony, its golden shimmer brings a lot of depth. The base of Paeonia leans toward orange colour but the pink micro-glitter brings balance to the whole making it a very soft nail polish. Elegant, you wear it on its own with two layers or combine it with other nail polishes from the Végétal collection for a more sophisticated look.
★ Comments by Stéphanie: You probably have guessed but Paeonia, the coral of the collection, is the one that wins my heart, together with Dahlia. A holo orangy coral, filled with pink micro-glitter, with a golden shimmer which gives it depth and a unique elegance. I love it, and do note and it's a perfect combination with Dahlia or Lunaria. This peonia is really flexible!




Discreet in the shade, Lunaria turns out to be extremely sparkling under sunlight...

★ Comments by Bé: Lunaria is a beige with golden glass flecks. This pretty plant is better known as “Monnaie du Pape” and I am sure that like me, you have played shopkeeper with these small golden coins. In the shade, the colour of Lunaira is similar to a “roasted almond” beige. Basically a metallic nude colour, rather easy to wear daily. In the sun, however, its holographic particles and its golden glass flecks transform it into a little glittery bomb! No doubt that in few weeks it will be perfect on a tanned skin...
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Lunaria is a holographic nude nail polish, completely saturated with golden glass flecks. Easy to wear and rather discreet in the shade, it turns out to be full of surprises and quite “flashy” in direct sunlight. Perfect nail polish for those who hesitate between discretion and sparkle. It proves to be perfect for nail art, thanks to both its colour opacity!




Hydrangea a very soft blue or hydrangea in a flask!

★ Comments by Bé: Hydrangea is a shaded blue with silver micro-glitter and blue shimmer. Perhaps the most delicate of the collection (along with Paeonia)! I think we really succeeded in putting a flowerbed of hydrangea into a flask. As these flowers change colour depending on the acidity of the soil, the shimmer of Hydrangea changes from blue (in bright daylight) to pink (in low-angled light). I am usually not a fan of blue nail polish with a touch of pink, but it's the small detail which brings its personality to Hydrangea, its delicate and feminine aspect. I am charmed!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Hydrangea is the softest of this collection. A holographic shaded blue, full of silver micro-glitter, which turns out to be full of surprises by revealing its shimmer that switches from blue to pink. Though it's not impossible, it's still very difficult to take a picture. This blue-pink shift is barely visible on the last photo. This blue knows how to be discreet in the shade thanks to its grey base, but it's a real jewel in the sun.




Vibran turquoise, Ixia reflects light as many small mirrors would...

★ Comments by Bé: Ixia is a vibrant turquoise blue with just a little touch of green to give it this duality which I love with our brand of nail polishes. Its holographic rainbow is more linear than in the rest of the polishes from our collection and the glass flecks reflect light as many small mirrors would...
★ Comments by Stéphanie : Ixia is the most flashy of all, because we are talking about a turquoise nail polish, saturated with silver glass flecks and of course always holographic. This little fella is gutsy, it's of those colors that makes the sun show up! The silver glass flecks contribute to a metallic aspect, and bring a very particular depth, it almost feels like a “3D” polish!