Welcome to Paradise

After Tales of Love, our spring collection, soft and delicate, we wanted to return to pure colors: very bright (almost neon), with no frills and with a very glossy finish. With Welcome to Paradise, it’s time to let our sad spring behind and enjoy the sun and vacation coming up! Throw your nicest bikini in your suitcase and escape with us under the tropics where your only concern will be to sip coconut water lying down in a long chair under palm trees, resting with the sound of water lapping… Fasten your seat belt and welcome aboard flight IEUV heading to Paradise! // Click to see a quick video of the Welcome to Paradise collection!


Captain Blue Sky


With Captain Blue Sky, welcome aboard flight IEUV heading to nail polish paradise!

★ Comments by Bé: Let’s start our journey with Captain Blue Sky, the captain of our vacation. All we can wish for this summer is a huge cloudless blue sky above our heads! A sky not so realistic, pimped with « Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds », but I’m sure you grasped the inspiration behind its name. This cobalt Blue, that reminds me the color of the shutters of Provençal houses, turns out to be really electric under the sun or artificial light. Opaque with two coats, its holographic mellowness makes it essential to match with all your summer outfits.
★ Comments by Stéphanie: So let’s start with Captain Blue Sky, an electric blue, very opaque, filled with fine holographic particles. In the shade, it’s like blue jean (a flashy blue jean), but in the sun, it sparkles, and it feels like it’s a completely different nail polish on our nails! It sparkles like diamonds, bringing forward the holographic particles that provoke a retinal detachment… Don’t forget your sunglasses with Captain Blue Sky, you are going to need them!


Pink and Nothing but The Pink


Pink and Nothing but The Pink ! Because summer without pink on our finger tips is not really summer.

★ Comments by Bé: Pink and Nothing but The Pink is a wise crossing between No Comment from our very first collection and My Favorite Popsicle. Pinky coral, metallic shimmer and « crelly » finish (mix between a creamy texture and a jelly texture) bring an incredible depth and glamor. Also opaque in two coats, its candy aspect should seduce nailistas fond of gourmet and feminine tints. Because a summer without pink on your finger tips is not really summer!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Pink and Nothing but the Pinks seems a little more classic… That being said, almost anything other than blue would be considered classic for nail polish, granted! Tough to describe it, a pinky-orange coral (yes, both depending on light), in line with My Favorite Popsicle, but without the pink shimmer, replaced with a light silver shimmer. Are you keeping up? Very opaque, like its buddy mentioned above, you are sure to have lots of fun with nail art. In fact, it’s EXACTLY the color I dream of for my swimsuit this summer. Except in real life, it’s my swimming cap that really does look like it!


Peace, Love and Chill


Peace, Love and Chill is the perfect nail polish for summer. And SO swoon-worthy!

★ Comments by Bé: Opaque with two thin layers, Peace, Love and Chill fluctuates between turquoise and mint. When I look at it, I feel like the south seas invited themselves into the flask… You know, those idyllic waters in which the sun reflects? Yes, because I forgot to mention it earlier, but Peace, Love and Chill has a light golden shimmer that really does make it a perfect nail polish for the summer and your tanned skin!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Let’s move on to Peace, Love and Chill… Wow, this little dude is meant to make us long for refreshing cocktails by the pool (anyone mentioned Mojito?), with ice, to quench our thirst after hours sunbathing. Are you there? Then you are ready to wear this blue-green polish (do I dare say turquoise?), that will give you the impression your hands are even more tanned than they really are… And that’s a Brownie point! In fact, it’s a tint that feels like it came straight out of the freezer, that helps keep a cool head under all circumstances. As opaque as its buddies described before, it’s applied with two layers and does wonders for your nail-arts!


Born to Be Rad


Brace yourself, this one is... Born to Be Rad!

★ Comments by Bé: Born to Be Rad is purple, almost neon. Fairly quiet in the shade, although very lively already, it’s under the sun it really expresses itself. Of the five polish from this new collection, it’s the most jelly of all. It will take time to apply it and wait for the first layer to be really dry before applying the second layer in order to avoid making holes and manage without a third layer. It’s probably my favorite because of its originality and its WOW effect once applied. This one is born to blow you away!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Born to Be Rad has a rather different texture, more jelly. It stays opaque but you will notice on the photos in the shade some transparency. Personally, I do enjoy its jelly side, it softens its neon tint and allows a pink shift to show. It’s like sorbet (I wonder what flavor… Blueberry?). The tints also change with light, evolving from purple in the shade, to indigo in the sun, to literally neon under artificial light. A very lively color, extremely feminine, demanding to be paired with summer clothing!


All is Gold


Perfect for nail art, All is Gold is like a pirate's treasure: very precious!

★ Comments by Bé: With each collection, we like to surprise you with a nail polish that seems like an outsider. That nail polish is All is Gold! All is Gold is a copper-colored « pink gold », metallic and saturated with fine holographic particles. It’s opaque in one coat and will be a great partner to all your nail art desires. I love Stéphanie’s analogy with a treasure chest, that’s exactly it. All is Gold is both precious and refined!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: Even if All is Gold was created as a link between the others, it’s still a different polish. A beautiful metallic pink gold, great for stamping, particularly covering for brush art as well. In fact, as I am writing these lines, it’s been four days that I’m wearing it and I don’t want to remove it because the feeling of having jewels on my nails is great! It’s like having found a treasure on a beach and covered my nails with it… But not just any treasure… An holographic treasure Ladies and Gentlemen! Look how it shines in the sun!