Back to School

Back to School is a collection inspired by the return to reality, very often related to back to school after two months of summer, vacation, and BBQs with friends…This time of the year allows us to return to school or work with a new momentum and enthusiasm (don’t you think? You find it tough? Then one more reason to treat yourself with new nail polish…) The purpose of this collection is to give you a little pick-me-up to better deal with Fall and offer shelter filled with gentleness and comfort that your nails will yearn for. Back to School are deep colors with elaborated finishes so that you can fully enjoy no matter the changing light during the season… // Click to see a video of the Back to School collection!


Teach Me Tonight


Mysterious and sophisticated, Teach Me Tonight will make you want to sign up for evening classes!

★ Comments by Bé: Teach Me Tonight is undeniably le sexiest of this Fall quintet! An ink blue base, with a metallic shimmer that has fire reflections, either golden or copper-colored, sprinkled with a veil of holographic particles that floats on the surface of your nails for a sophisticated effect. Opaque with the first layer, Teach Me Tonight is ultra pigmented and may require 2 layers of base for those with nails that tend to absorb color. This enigmatic plum color will reveal its different aspects as you tame it, and as light evolves. It’s time to enroll in evening classes to learn all about Teach Me Tonight, like the back of your hand.
★ Comments by Stéphanie: let’s start with the darkest of the 5, Teach Me Tonight. This deep plum color with blueish reflections is clearly the sexiest of the collection. Mysterious as it should be, holographic when sun is out, making it all sparkling, its base varies depending on the light, from dark plum to deep blue. No doubt, this little guy is an incentive to sign up for night class!


Wild and Free


Wild and Free, the not so quiet blue that makes you want to skip school.

★ Comments by Bé: with Wild and Free, we wanted to work with a weathered myosotis blue, like a uniform or worn out pair of jeans. The kind that has holes around the knees after playing marbles too often (fond memories). Though it seems quiet, a light shimmer, also blue with little pink reflections, and a holographic velvet will wake up Wild and Free and turn it into the ideal polish to skip school.
★ Comments by Stéphanie: a little quieter when it comes to the tint, Wild and Free would nonetheless be the one that would motivate you the most to skip school ! “Uniform” color, this greyish blue turns out to be very sparkling under the sun. A little bit like the nice kids that, once their parents turn their back, turn out to be wild!


My Area of Expertise


Time now for My Area of Expertise and what we excel at, an intense and enchanting teal

★ Comments by Bé: Oh, a teal color! I guess it’s a color Stéphanie and I are never tired of. With My Area of Expetise, we are back to what we excel at, working with an intense and enchanting blue-green. A handfull of mini pink flakies and a dose of holographic particles later, and here you are ready to conquer the world, nothing less!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: My Area Of Expertise is a suited name, you probably noticed, it’s difficult for us not to offer a teal in each collection…We all have a chosen field, for us it’s not doubt the teal color that inspires us the most. No matter its shades, we have fun with it, we enjoy it, and this one is no exception to the rule because we threw in some delicate pink flakes. Quite discreet in the shade, they reveal together with holographic particles and really blow you away.


Field Trip Fun


Don't be fooled by Field Trip Fun!

★ Comments by Bé: dark purple with greyish brown under-tones, Field Trip Fun is a nail polish that thousands of tiny copper-colored flakies within its holographic base. A rather classic color but that can really change personality with light. We’ve had Field Trip Fun for several months (like Wild and Free), waiting the right time to release it. So I’ve been wearing it regularly for several months, and it never ceases to amaze me. I can’t grow tired of it… I’m sure it will be the same for you.
★ Comments by Stéphanie: let’s change category, with Field Trip Fun. This crushed figue purple is a tint that will please fans of classic nail polish, while seducing those that like to be surprised. I like the fact it’s not so well-behaved, that it reveals its fun and sexy nature as soon as the sun is out. Believe me, with Field Trip Fun on your nails, you’d better be enjoying the indian summer and wave your hands in the sun!


Is it Monday Yet?


The full-bodied polish that will boost your week? Is it Monday Yet?, no doubt about that!

★ Comments by Bé: Is It Monday Yet? It’s the polish with caffeine that will boost your start of the week and prevent you from snoozing over your files! It’s brown colors with red under tones is easy to wear. It’s copper-colored reflections and silver flakies bring a little softness and refinement to this espresso concentrate in a flask. To enjoy without restraint!
★ Comments by Stéphanie: last but not least, time to meet the one that will join your morning coffee: Is it Monday yet? A sublime Arabica that will get you out of on the right side of the bed in the morning (Mondays included!), even for those who, like me, don’t drink coffee. It’s no surprise, it’s a brown color, with golden hints, very velvety and filled with reflections. It knows how to be discreet, even though it can display the full rainbow color spectrum when under the sun.