Choose Happy

Choose Happy is a tribute collection to the tough times we fight with a dose of good mood and positive vibes. Because we are deeply resilient beings and we believe strongly that, to be happy, we must start by taking the path of happiness.


Farewell Party


Farawell Party // This purplish blue is hiding some magic!

Farewell Party is a desaturated blue with purple undertones. It's full of holographic particles of course but also of golden/coppery flakies that take green reflections. Versatile, it's as office-friendly as it adapts to your more sophisticated outfits. With Farewell Party, say goodbye to the gloomy atmosphere and come partying until the end of the night!


Tap Dancing Rain


Tap Dancing Rain // A soft and comforting greyish blue.

Tap Dancing Rain, it's the rain that takes itself for Gene Kelly and makes a tap dance show. This grayish blue sky is saturated with a small metallic shimmer and a holographic veil to make it sparkle in the slightest ray of sunshine. Opaque in two coats, it's a nail polish that you will love to wear in this season for its soft and comforting side. Believe us, you will love to hate this concentrate of sky after the rain!


Silver Lining


Silver Lining // This mirror-like steel gray will take your breath away!

Metallic steel gray, Silver Lining is dotted with silver dust and holographic particles. Whatever the luminosity, it shimmers and brings a lot of brilliance to the nails. Opaque from the first coat, it applies as a cream varnish for an original autumnal manicure with a touch of good mood in addition!


Velours by Sfumati


Velours by Sfumati // The velvet red that turns to fire!

Velours by Sfumati is a nail polish with a rich texture that will offer you different faces according to the light under which you look at it or according to the inclination of your hands. In the shade, its "velvet effect" dominates and lets glimpse sometimes a bright red, sometimes a deeper red. Under the sun, its metallic flash and holographic particles sparkle until your head spins. Both rock'n'roll and glamorous, Velours by Sfumati is an ode to femininity that will awaken the fire under the ice... Velours by Sfumati is a collaboration shade realized with Caroline, the blogger behind Read more about the shade by reading her blogpost about Velours (in French language)!