In Medias Res

From Latin, meaning literally “in the middle of things”...
Because care is at the center of the manicure routine of nailistas, Il était un vernis proposes a completely new range of products for the daily care of your nails.


Lingerie: the "second skin" base coat!

Enriched by wheat protein, Lingerie hydrates and nourishes the nail plate. Smoothing, it also hides the small flaws of your nail. Its fast drying matt finish allows an excellent bond of the colour while creating a barrier between the nails and the nail polish to prevent discoloration which could be caused by certain pigmented nail polish.
★ Suggestion for use: apply one coat before putting on colour.


Rock On! is the best ally of tired nails...

This micro-diamond hardener helps with the building of keratin to actively toughen, thicken and reinforce thin weak nails after regular use. The unique qualities of the diamond particles give your nails a non-yellowing brighter look.
★ Suggestion for use: when used as a treatment, apply regularly to clean dry nails. Treat for several weeks. Repeat as necessary. When used as a base coat, apply one coat to clean dry nails under the colour nail polish.


Strip off your nails in record time with Glitter Strip!

Glitter Strip is a peel off base coat that will help you remove glitter polish without nail remover. It simply peels off, taking the glitter with it and leaving your nails intact.
★ Suggestion for use: apply one coat of Glitter Strip and wait 5 minutes until it's totally dry. Apply your glitter polish as usual. When it's time to remove your manicure, simply peel it off from your nails using an orange wood stick.


Moving Fast: the top coat that speeds up drying

Moving Fast provides brightness, long lasting holding and record fast drying to all your manicures and nail-arts, without retracting or damaging the patterns. Moving Fast preserves its fluidity durably in the flask.
★ Suggestion for use: apply one coat after putting on colour. // Look at Moving Fast working his magic!


Velvet on Your Tips: from shiny to matte in record time!

This matte top coat will turn all your shiny polishes into gorgeous velvet-like ones. Are you ready for some nail art designs?
★ Suggestion for use: apply one coat over your colour nail polish.


Wanna Know my Secret?

Wanna Know my Secret is a repairing serum for fragile, breaking, damaged or split nails. Made with almond oil and jojoba oil, this cocktail with added vitamins (vitamin A, C, E, F) restores durably the flexibility and moisturising of the nail plate. A real youth therapy for worn nails, this serum stimulates the growth and strengthens your nails. Its fruity aroma with light notes of citrus makes this a favourite amongst nailistas. Your nails will soon be thankful!
★ Suggestion for use: apply on bare nails or around the nails, massage to facilitate absorption. To be used as repairing therapy for several weeks.


Naked As We Came

This oil for cuticles is made from Macadamia oil known for its richness in vitamins and minerals. Naked As We Came is the perfect ally for daily moisturising of the contours of your nails. Its non-greasy formula and gourmet scent with subtle sweet notes will seduce the most demanding cuticles.
★ Suggestion for use: apply around the nail, massage in small concentric circles. Repeat as often as needed.


White Canvas

White Canvas is the perfect creamy white. Opaque in a thick layer or in two thin layers, the brush will glide on your nails without difficulty and without the substance making holes. A blank canvas for all your crazy ideas of nail-art!


Paint It Black

On its own, to draw details with a brush or for stamping, Paint It Black will soon become your essential black cream polish of your nail polish library!


Nail file Il était un vernis

Our nail file made of toughened glass has two abrasive sides to file your nails gently. Delivered with its transparent cover, it is customized with our brand colours.
★ Suggestion for use: file from the surrounding towards the center of the nail avoiding back-and-forth motion. After using, rinse the file with clear water to get rid of the residues of filing.