Mystical Fantasy Club

Summer is at our doors, the weather is hot and beautiful and all this sun is making our heads spin! Indeed ladies, lately, Il était un vernis sees magical creatures at every street corner: unicorns rolling in glitter, enchanting sirens, cute dragons that take us to the end of the world... Under a light blue sky where radiates an enchanted rainbow. In short, our madness takes over when the sun is concerned and we're in for a lot of fun!Have a look on the video of the Mystical Fantasy Club collection!


To the Rainbow and Back


Are you ready to love this light blue To the Rainbow and Back?

To the Rainbow and Back is a light blue that can look pretty wise in natural light or in the shade but, just like after the rain, that sparkles with the slightest ray of sunshine. Jump with both feet and slide on the rainbow like a "My Little Pony" with a multicolored mane, it's time to come joining us in our crazyness. You are now ready to love this polish to the rainbow and back!


My Unicorn made me do it


When we collaborate with an amazing creature... It's no more a secret, My Unicorn made me do it!

At IEUV's office, we have our little secrets... Believe it or not Ladies but, My Unicorn made me do it has been created in collaboration with our magical unicorn! This carrot orange reveals a nice golden heart in the sun when it's more reddish in the shade. As usual, My Unicorn made me do it comes with holographic particles to make your nails sparkle under any circumstances.


50% Sparkly, 50% Fairy Dust


50% Sparkly, 50% Fairy Dust: 100% nail art!

50% Sparkly, 50% Fairy Dust is the silver little cousin of our copper All is Gold from the Welcome to Paradise collection. In the shade, its foil effect combined with its matte finish will bring out your tan. In the sun, the magic of our holographic fairy will act as a revealer on this exceptional nail polish. Very opaque, 50% Sparkly, 50% Fairy Dust is perfect for stamping and will be the ally of your summery nail arts!


Let's be Mermaids


You will admire Let's be Mermaids on your nails over and over again... Mesmerizing!

Let's be Mermaids is the more feminine of the Mystical Fantasy Club collection, one that will make you admire your nails over and over again to capture all its complexity. It's pinkish plum base is embellished with a fuchsia metallic shift that gives Let's be Mermaids a touch of sophistication. Its jelly formula makes it shine when its veil of holographic particles will eventually enchant you like a mesmerizing siren's song...


Keep Calm and Follow the Dragon


Ready to tame the beast? Keep Calm and Follow the Dragon!

Green? Yellow? The battle is raging! This chartreuse green oscillates between tender green and yellow depending on the lighting. One thing is certain, its metallic heart and its holographic velvet effect make it absolutely vibrant. Keep Calm and Follow the Dragon will leave no one indifferent and it's convenient because we like unique polishes at IEUV. Are you tempted to tame our pretty dragon? No worries to have, it only blows glitter...